Meg Smith Photography

Love Letters


You were exactly what we wanted in a photographer. In fact, Chris and I still talk about how some of our favorite moments that day were with you, just being ourselves and enjoying the day. To say that the photographs are beautiful doesn’t even come close to explaining how wonderful they are. You seemed to always be at the right place at the right time, you caught so many moments that might not have seemed important to most people, but were so important to me. There are too many to even mention, they are amazing. I wanted to thank you for being there and capturing all the candid moments happening all around on our wedding day, and for doing it so beautifully.

Because of you, they will be remembered forever.
— Jill

Thank you so much for everything! We can’t put into words how much we love the photos. We feel that they captured the day perfectly and they are going to be so fun to look through many years down the road. You and your team were flawless, and we appreciate it so much. Countless thanks.
— Jess & Rob

These photos are amazing! What an extraordinary job you did not just capturing the big formal moments, but the small ones in between that really bring the event to life. How you capture all of it we don’t know, but it must be magic! Not only are the photos stunning and gorgeous, they are a pure and sublime reflection of the people who brought us together on that day.

We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift. Thank you.
— Andrew & Alessa

What beautiful photographs. We really could not have been more pleased – we sat together reliving the whole event with each picture. You’ve got a wonderful eye – it captures moments we didn’t even know about, and it made us look good all night long! Thank you for your wonderful work and talent. It was a pleasure to have you there, and to have your photographs remain the visual record of that special day.
— Susan & Keith
Wow, just went through these with Dad and we’re crying they’re so good! I started favoriting but then had to heart all of them because I’m in love with each one! You are absolutely amazing. You were such an angel throughout the entire weekend… you were such an additive presence. You also take the most incredible photographs – from jumping in the pool to the picture of me and my mom and sister… and everything in between, I just can’t get over it. Thank you so much for your charm, kindness, brilliant photography skills and just being the most amazing artist behind the lens for my favorite weekend of all time.
— Genevieve

The photos are amazing. Thank you so much for capturing everything so beautifully. We just spent a very long time looking over them all and remembering what a wonderful wedding day we had. We couldn’t have fonder memories.
— Carolyn
I wanted to echo Carolyn’s words – the photos are spectacular. The colors are unreal and such great compositions. I also love the motion blur that comes from film. Thank you.
— Charles

We knew you were special the first time we met. Your poise, calm, and grace came through in the biggest way. You effortlessly made everyone feel comfortable – we think your striking beauty was a pleasant distraction for both men and women staring back at the camera. Thank you so much for everything. We can’t wait to relive the day with your beautiful work.
— Erin & Jacob

Dod and I both absolutely love our pictures! Somehow you manage to capture people’s real personalities in those moments where they weren’t aware of the camera at all.... moments we didn’t even know happened. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift with us.
— Elisabeth